You’ve helped me become a better parent. Bringing my daughter and I together in a fun and structured way has helped us as a family with long term benefits. It’s given me confidence as a parent and given me practical tools to keep improving as a parent which will help the kids as well as my wife and I. Huge thanks to all of you (HYHD Dad, 2018)
I enjoyed all aspects of the HYHD program. Being involved with my daughter in such a hands on way was really rewarding and enjoyable. All sessions were professional and engaging. I enjoyed the weekly messages and activities focused on the fundamental movement skills. (HYHD Dad, 2018)
Huge changes. I thought she had limited sports skills but realised I hadn’t starting teaching her. Her confidence and willingness have increased the most (HYHD Dad, 2018)
Incredibly engaging and did a great job tailoring the sessions to ensure the youngsters maintained focus throughout (HYHD Dad, 2018)
Amazing group of passionate people involved and wonderful motivators for the 'little ones' to define better choices for their entire life. (HYHD Dad, 2018)
Always fun for both youngster and I, long term benefits for entire family, positive approach to being healthy (HYHD Dad, 2018)
I have benefited from many of the parenting skills learned as well as adding a number of activities to enhance our fun times and play. Everyone loved getting involved with the home activities (HYHD Dad, 2018)

We are looking for dads and their youngsters

Are you a dad who wants to spend quality time with your child participating in fun physical activities, whilst learning how to improve their sport skills, health and wellbeing…along with your own?

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